Organisational Assessments and Capacity Building

 ‘It is clear that a more in-depth process of fostering organisational change is necessary. It is also clear that this must be done in a way in which ownership for the change process must be firmly in the hands of the organisation concerned.’ Rick James.

Demystifying Organisation Development (1998)

Endeavour consulting Geneva organisational assessment image with people looking through telescopes

My core work practice revolves around the design of and support to organisational development and change processes.

Good Organisational Development (OD) work should encompass a process of collaborative diagnosis based on action research. In my work I ensure that this diagnosis should be a process of self-appraisal by the client, and not an external-appraisal where the expert-consultant does the diagnosis. My approach relies on both organisational and individual self-assessments, and associated tools, which allows my client organisation’s staff and stakeholders to define their own development agenda and build the organisational capacities that they need. My goal is to enable my clients to build the capacity, skills and momentum they require to continue their development once the OD intervention has concluded.

Work examples:

Friends of the Earth Europe logo client of Endeavour Consulting Geneva

In 2015 Endeavour assisted Friends of the Earth Europe on an organisational needs assessment process, leading to a suite of organisational development priorities and formation of a Change Team.

Festival du Film et Forum International sur les Droits Humains (FIFDH), Geneva, Switzerland client of Endeavour Consulting

In 2016 Endeavour provided Organisational Development support to the Festival du Film et Forum International sur les Droits Humains (FIFDH), building a Road Map for its team and leading to a new organisational design.

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