Project Evaluation and Monitoring

 ‘Monitoring and evaluation systems, the development and use of reports, and criteria for success are determined not by the NGO clients, but by the donors.’ Roper & Pettit

Development and the Learning Organisation (2002)

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There are fundamental questions to consider about who does the measuring, who benefits from monitoring and evaluation procedures, and whose learning and knowledge is being valued.

Having worked both as grant-recipient and grant-giver, I keep this in mind within my work to evaluate and monitor the projects and programmes of NGOs and grant-givers. I look to give my clients as objective an opinion as I can. One that is both sensitive and honest, and that leans on a learning perspective.

Work examples:

NEEMO Life Team client of Endeavour Consulting Geneva, EU NGO Operating Grants

Since 2012 Endeavour has worked in the team monitoring project implementation of EU Life NGO Operating Grants. This work includes visits to support both project implementation and organisational strengthening.

In 2021 and 2022 Endeavour performed an External Evaluation of the Operating Grant of the European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention (ENSP). The work involved an assessment of the task implementation and deliverables, plus an analysis of the impact of ENSP through discussion with its key stakeholders.

Royal Society for Protection of Birds, UK, RSPB, client of Endeavour Consulting Geneva

In 2011 Endeavour acted as a Project Organisation and Strategy Assessor of the Belarus Programme on Re-wetting of Peatlands for Climate Change and Biodiversity Protection for the Royal Society for Protection of Birds, UK.

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